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We make going solar simple. Every step of the way.

We too wanted a solution to our high energy bill, but did not want to deal with the large companies. At Solaire we have customized one of the easiest processes in the industry. Take a look at our hassle-free 3 step process.

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Solaire – Top Rated Solar Company in Las Vegas NV

Solaire is the leading Solar Company in Las Vegas, Nevada! We offer the designs and help get home and business owners the very best solar panels & solar systems in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Premier Solar System Services

Solaire is your one-stop-shop for solar in Las Vegas. Whether for commercial or residential we have the experience and know-how to take care of your solar system project. We offer a wide variety of solar equipment including LG, Panasonic, Solar Edge, Hanwha Q Cell, and Silfab which is made in America and comes with up to 30-year warranties.

We are the preferred choice in solar for several reasons. Solaire makes switching to solar easy by taking all of the paperwork and filing off the customers' hands. We have phenomenal reviews on Google, Yelp, and Solar Reviews because of our award-winning customer service. The best part is that we offer our price match guarantee. If we can't match the price of another company, we will pay your first bill with the competitor! Solaire works with the best contractors nation-wide to provide quality solar installation services especially here in Las Vegas NV, and all surrounding cities. Call us today and book an appointment.

Solaire - Powering A Brighter Tomorrow

Why Solar?


Cheaper Electric Bill!

Yes, you heard that right! Solar can produce power for the appliances in your home. Ditch the utility bills and save money by producing your own power!

A Home Investment that Pays off!

Homes with solar systems have higher property value and sell more quickly than similar homes without solar.


Those Incentives!

Tax payers may claim up to 26% in Federal Tax Credit on solar system expenditures for their residence, in addition to state tax credits and rebates.

We Do All The Work!

Our company takes care of all the paperwork, permitting, homeowner's association approvals and applications. You can sit back and reap all the benefits.


Top Rated Solar Company Nationwide!


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